how find wall studs

If you need to fix something on the partition, then for this you need to find a wooden stud. If you try to set an object on drywall, then this can lead to a catastrophe. Studs in the wall are usually located at a distance of 40-60 cm. If walls built by yourself in the house, then it will not be difficult for you to find a stud knowing the exact distance between them.

Using stud finder

Below I want to tell you about different ways of finding the studs in the wall. The easiest way is to use good stud finder. To find a stud in the wall, you need to hold the tool tightly against the wall and hold it along. When the stud sensor detects a stud in the wall, it will signal. This will be a sound or light signal depending on your device. Or it could be info on the sensor display like Dewalt wall scanner. At this point, make a mark with a pencil. Now, to make sure that this is not a false alarm, find the neighboring studs on the left and right. They should be at the same distance.

Find studs with magnet

If your beams in the wall are made of metal, then it is not necessary to buy a special tool. It is enough to have a powerful neodymium magnet. Take your magnet and tie it to a long thread. Then draw a magnet along the wall until it begins to attract to something. At this point, make a mark. And be sure to find two adjacent studs to make sure that you marked the stud.

Find studs without any devices

If you do not have a wall beam detector or a magnet, then there is another option. Easy tapping on the wall can determine where the stud is. When tapping, listen carefully where the sound changes. To be sure that you have found the stud, you can make a hole with a small drill at the bottom of the wall near the baseboard. Knowing that the studs are usually at a distance of 40cm, you can find all the other studs in the wall.

How find wall studs using stud finder